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About Us rg-leasing 6 February 2020
Commercial real estate with no taboo
The experience our team has acquired through the years ensures the achievement of our clients’ business goals

Our portfolio includes numerous
investment projects all over Poland. We work with large retail chains as well as smaller investors

Radosław Gadomski,
CEO RG-Leasing

Radosław Gadomski is an experienced leader who began his career as a specialist in commercial real estate in Poland in 1999. Thanks to his enthusiasm and innovative approach to business, he is responsible for the development of several brands’ store networks that are still operating in Poland today. From 2004 to 2010, he managed the leasing process of shopping centers with a total area exceeding 150,000 m² in Poland and Ukraine. Utilizing his knowledge and skills he created and managed an investment program on the Ukrainian market. As a leader and specialist in commercial real estate, Radosław Gadomski oversaw a team of experts and leased a total area exceeding 500,000 m² GLA in 50 commercial projects for several external investors. In 2021, he founded RG Leasing, where he developed an original strategy for collaborating with experienced investors and entities that are just planning to invest in one of the most rapidly developing formats in the commercial real estate market. Radosław Gadomski is not only a business leader who achieves exceptional results but also inspires others with his passion and knowledge, helping them succeed in this field. 

Paweł Bartosiak
Leasing & Development

Paweł Bartosiak is a professional operating on the commercial real estate market for over 12 years. He has multi-directional experience, including direct cooperation with many renowned investors, leading to the conclusion of several hundred lease agreements and coordination of the commercialization processes of projects such as parks and shopping malls as well as mixed-use complexes, which have often received prestigious awards on the CEE market. An extensive network of contacts and experience gained while developing market analyzes and creating numerous investment concepts allow him to achieve success in the field of consulting and negotiations. 

Piotr Górski
Finance & Leasing

Piotr Górski is not only an experienced specialist in commercial real estate, but also a constantly developing professional who fully understands the complex investment process. His versatile experience and thorough knowledge in administration, real estate, and finance allow him to excel in challenging situations and find optimal solutions. He is a passionate and dedicated professional, for whom customer success and satisfaction are top priority. 

Joanna Grabowska
Leasing Manager

Joanna Grabowska has over 15 years of experience in the commercial real estate market. She has mainly worked for foreign organisations, gaining valuable experience in an international business environment. Her ability to build lasting relationships is her key asset. She has a documented track record and excels at finding the best solutions for a given project. 

Marina Kovalczuk
Office & Leasing

Marina is a very organized and detail-oriented coordinator of leasing processes and the RG Leasing office. She possesses exceptional communication and managerial skills, which enable her to effectively work with people at all levels. She is responsible for overseeing daily office operations and implementing policies and procedures that improve efficiency and productivity. She works closely with all team members on developing and implementing strategies, managing budgets, and overseeing projects from initial concepts to completion. 

Tomasz Wysocki
investment manager

Tomasz is an expert in the commercial real estate sector with 15+ years of professional experience. 

He worked across international and domestic development and fund management companies. He was involved in expansion, acquisition, leasing, development, and asset management across several retail portfolios of more than 600.000 sqm GLA and 50 retail park projects. At RG Leasing, Tomasz’s expertise covers site sourcing, acquisition, predevelopment, as well as exit strategies. 

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